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Winter Construction Information

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As fall gives way to winter, the procedures and policies for installing electric line after the ground freezes are now in effect.


As of Dec. 7, 2016, St. Croix Electric Cooperative is no longer trenching power to building sites, due to adverse weather conditions. Members and/or their contractor may hire an excavator to dig the trench for the wire, however, they are then responsible for the cost of excavation. Having a trench excavated by a third party does not eliminate the “Adverse Conditions” charge or discount the estimate in any way. 


If a member and/or their contractor choose to provide the trench for the electric wire, the trench must:

  • Be dug 36” deep,
  • Be rock free, AND
  • Have a level bottom from the transformer all the way to the house.


It is the responsibility of the member and/or contractor to notify Diggers Hotline

(800-242-8511) and have all underground utilities located prior to digging. Please notify St. Croix Electric Cooperative at least 4 business days in advance of excavating so a line crew can be scheduled to be on-site during the digging process. 


In some situations, additional equipment may be needed to thaw and/or dig frozen ground. Additional Adverse Conditions fees may apply.


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