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St. Croix Electric Cooperative Board of Directors


St. Croix Electric Cooperative is governed by a nine-member Board of Directors - one director representing each of the nine districts within the Cooperative service area. The Board meets the first Monday of the month at the SCEC office in Hammond. Agendas are posted on the Co-op's website prior to each meeting. 

Members (e.g. consumer-owners) have a direct voice in the operations of the Cooperative through the election of representatives to the Board of Directors. Each spring, a volunteer nominating committee approves a slate of director andidates to be elected by mail ballot. Director terms are staggered so that one-third of the nine director seats are elected each year. A director's role includes approving policies, long-range planning and providing the resources leading to the accomplishment of the Cooperative's vision for the future. 

A director:

  • may not have a financial interest in a competing business including, but not limited to, electric energy and Internet access;
  • may not have had a felony conviction related to a lapse of fiduciary responsibility within the last five years;
  • may not have unpaid obligations to the Cooperative or have been subject to disconnection (a 60-day or longer balance owing) for non-payment within a 12-month period;
  • may not have been employed by the Cooperative within the preceding five years;
  • may not have pursued any litigation against the Cooperative or any of its employees in the preceding five years.

Contact your Director by clicking on their name (district numbers can be found on your monthly St. Croix Electric bill):

District 1
Neil Plourde  
Election year: 2022

Vice Chairman

District 2
Alan Wilkie
Election year: 2021


District 3
David Orf
Election year: 2020
DPC Director

District 4
Paul Nyhus
Election year: 2022

District 5
William Findlay
Election year: 2021


District 6
William Peavey
Election year: 2020

District 7
Francis Klatt
Election year: 2022

District 8
Douglas Faber
Election year: 2021
Two-year term 

District 9
George Yates
Election year: 2020



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