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SMARTHUB is your new customer portal where you can view and pay your bill, monitor your usage and set yourself up for notifications..and SO MUCH MORE! 

*If you used our old system Bill4U, you MUST REGISTER AS A NEW USER in SmartHub in order to make online payments and/or set up Auto Pay with a credit/debit card.*

Setup Instructions

PDF: How To Register (Web portal) PDF: How to Download & Register (Mobile)


Tips for Navigating SmartHub Registration:

  • Your Billing Account Number no longer contains a decimal point as it did in our legacy system. If you are looking at an old bill or have your account number memorized, use ONLY the NUMERALS, do not include the decimal point.
  • The Last Name or Business must match EXACTLY how the PRIMARY account holder is entered into our system. We have run into cases where we have discovered names that did not match exactly, such as DeLong vs. De Long.  If you receive a message your information does not match our records and you are certain you entered your information correctly, call us to verify the spelling of your name we have on file.
  • The message you get upon successful registration states you will receive an email with a temporary password. More accurately stated, you will receive an email with a Verify Account button to continue with the registration process. 
  • The Verify Account button will take you to a screen to create and confirm your New Password, which must be 8-15 characters long and include one capital character, one numeral and one special character.


What is SmartHub?

SmartHub has several features that make managing your account as easy as possible. Whether through the web, or your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS), you’ll be able to pay your bill, view your usage, contact customer service and get the latest news. 

As soon as you log in, you’ll be able to view your billing history and make a payment with just a couple of clicks. You’ll be able to see your current bill, along with bills from the previous month or even the previous seasons, if you want to compare costs. Not only will you see your billing history, but you’ll be able to view your actual use. You can see how your use is trending over time, which will allow you to take steps to lower your bill. 

Making payments through SmartHub is fast and easy. The first time you make a payment either through the web or through your mobile device, you’ll be able to securely store your payment information for future transactions. The next time you need to pay your bill, it will only take a couple of clicks.

You’ll also be able to see important notices with SmartHub. You’ll be able to select how you want to be notified about your bill, including email and text messaging. You’ll even be able to set usage thresholds so that you’ll know when you’re using more than you’d like which will help you keep your electricity bill as low as possible.

Reporting a service issue is a snap with the SmartHub mobile app. There’s no need to call the office, just let us know about the issue with a few clicks. You can also contact us for customer service requests or with any questions you may have. You can now contact us at any time from anywhere.



Getting Started with SmartHub is as Easy as 1-2-3!

After we launch on Wednesday, August 26th, you'll complete the following checklist and be on your way to managing your account like never before! Make payments, report service interruptions, monitor usage, and save the environment.

Register your Account

Locate your account number on your bill and get registered!

Download the app

Manage your account on the go from anywhere at any time!

Activate Your Features

This is your opportunity to give features like paperless billing and Auto Pay a try!


Frequently Asked Questions


  • What is the difference between the SmartHub web portal and mobile app?

    • Both platforms are part of our online account management system for members.
    • The website has additional functionality that allows members to manage notifications, update their stored payment methods, and change their personal information.
    • Both the web version and mobile app allow members to securely access their account information, view bills and payment history, make payments, view energy use, and report outages.
    • The free, secure mobile app is available to download and install on mobile devices and tablets.


  • Is the mobile app secure?

    • Yes, All critical information is encrypted in every transaction run and no personal information is stored on your phone or tablet.
    • Mobile devices do offer you the ability to store your login information for apps installed on the device. If you choose to store your login information, any person who has access to your mobile device can access your account.


  • Can I manage and make payments on multiple accounts with SmartHub?

    • Yes, you can view all of your accounts along with the amounts due for those accounts and links to other detailed information. You can make payments on any account you have access to through your own account.


  • Why did you make all these changes? Who is paying for all these changes? Should I expect a rate increase now?

    • As the cooperative continues to grow, so does the need for better information availability to the membership. These enhancements are ways we can provide a higher level of member satisfaction for the majority of our members.
    • All of these changes are within the normal operating budget of the cooperative. There will not be a rate increase with regards to these changes.


  • How current is the account information in the app or website?

    • The information you see in the app and on the website is shown in real-time.
    • However, if you keep your app or web version open for an extended time, you should refresh the page by selecting a new option in order to ensure the information is current.


  • How do I avoid being scammed by another party when being asked about SmartHub and my account number?

    • Major projects often provide scammers with opportunities to steal your personal information.
    • Please know that throughout this communication process, we will never call or email you to ask for credit card numbers, bank account routing numbers or any other type of personal information.
    • If you do receive such communication from someone claiming to be a St. Croix Electric Co-op Employee, please report it to us at


  • What if I have a question that is not listed here?

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