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Policy 705: Schedule of Billing Charges

At their June 3, 2019 meeting the St. Croix Electric Cooperative Board of Directors approved changes to Policy 705: Schedule of Billing Charges.

The billing charges to members has not been updated since 2011. A cost analysis indicated the actual labor costs for collections, disconnections and reconnections was significantly higher than in the policy. 

“In our effort to adhere to cost causation principles of assigning more of the costs being incurred to the causers of the costs and to encourage members to continue to pay their bills on-time, we have increased the fees to closer to half the actual cost,” CEO Brian R. Zelenak said. “We understand there are many reasons members may fall behind paying their electric bill, so we encourage members to call us if you are experiencing difficulty paying your SCEC bill. We are very eager to assist members with making payment arrangements or helping find alternative funding sources. Our services are completely confidential.”

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