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Peak Alert: 2/13/2020

PEAK ALERT issued by Dairyland Power Cooperative

Thursday, Feb. 13, 2020: Due to high demand for electricity on the regional grid, please shift flexible electricity use to 8 p.m. or later. Elevated peak demand leads to higher power costs during the Peak Alert. Our members can help keep rates stable and affordable by conserving electricity during the Peak Alert period. Thank you for your participation!

FULL LOAD CONTROL: Commercial and Industrial loads will be controlled by 4:50 PM and restored by 8:00 PM.  This includes loads on strategies 5A, 5B and rate AE-1.  Grain Drying will be off at 4:50 PM and restored by 8:50 PM.  Alert Devices on address 511 will light the Peak Alert lamp and sound audible alarm at 3:50 PM, and the Full Load Control lamp will light at about 4:50 PM.  Residential loads will be controlled from approximately 5:00 PM and restored by 11:00 PM.

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