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St. Croix Electric Cooperative communicates key issues and events through the following outlets: Energy Lifestyles Magazine (the Cooperative's monthly member newsletter), bill inserts and social media sites. Below are links to the current and past issues of the "ELM":
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Energy Lifestyles Magazine

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Bill Inserts 

Community Cents sign up (July 2018)
2018 Rebate Card (Feb. 2018)
MyUsage Available (Sept. 2017)

Paperless Billing Promotion (April | August 2017)
Community Cents (March & July 2017)
Update My Information (June 2017)  
Exede: Internet Safety (June 2016) 
Energy Efficiency Toolbox (January 2016)
1939-2014: Keeping the lights on for 75 years (May 2014)  
Increase the Value of Your Energy Dollar (Sept. 2013)  
Electricity: What a Bargain! (July 2013)  
Steps to On-Time Payments


You Asked, We Answered (2011-12)

"The Co-op isn't flexible. It's just another big business and we're the little guys."
"The Co-op should belong to Focus on Energy because they offer larger rebates for installing renewable energy sources."
"Having to wait 20 years for a(n) (Equity) Capital Credit retirement is too long.
"We sometimes have spurts of short outages, even when it's a nice day. Sometimes we just get done resetting our clocks, then there's another blink. This needs to improve."
"I've been a member for year. I try to save energy at home, but am embarrased to admit I am not on a load management program. Does it really make a difference?"
"Can one of the heavily-promoted electric space heaters really save me money on my heating bill?"


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