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LED Security Lights

St. Croix Electric Cooperative has pole-mounted LED security lights available for lease or purchase by members. If you do not have a pole, SCEC can arrange to have one set on your property for an extra charge.

Beginning in August 2015, any rented high pressure sodium (HPS) lights that need repair will automatically be replaced with a new LED security light at no charge to the member. In order to gain maximum life out of the current HPS lights, crews will change out the rented HPS lights as they need to be serviced, with all rented lights changed out no later than Dec. 31, 2021. If a member with a rented light would like to replace their HPS light with an LED security light prior to the HPS light needing to be serviced, a one-time $50 charge will be applied. Members who own their security light and do not pay a monthly rental fee can contact St. Croix Electric at 715-796-7000 for more information about converting their current security light to a new LED light. Click here for a map of town halls and businesses in our service area that have new LED security lights installed.

Charges vary depending on the location of the electric meter, location/need for a transformer, among other factors. There will be an additional charge each month for the light fixture and the energy used.

Please contact SCEC for a custom quote: 715-796-7000 or email

The photos below show "before and after" photos of the Old Eau Galle Town Hall (287 Cty Rd. BB, Baldwin). The photo on the left is the old HPS light, the photo on the right is an LED security light. The LED lights provide more "focused" light, rather than diffusing light everywhere like the HPS light (which also allowed light to filter through the side of the fixture). The white LED is also a more clear light and conducive to seeing objects in better detail when illuminated.








Converting all of SCEC's security lights to LEDs will save the Co-op 50,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity use each MONTH. The infographic below shows the impact of 50,000 kWh:








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