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Rebate Forms

Appliances - Must have the ENERGY STAR logo on the appliance; also includes recycling rebates for freezers, refrigerators and room air conditioners. Recycled units must be in working order when removed from service.
Electric Vehicle Charging Station
Energy Audit Recommended Improvements

Water Heaters & Flow Restrictors
Agriculture, Commercial & Industrial


Account Information

Medical Priority Form (PDF)
Member Information Change Form (PDF)  -OR- online form

Update My Information


Winter Energy Thieves (Jan. 2016)  
LED Security Lights Illuminate Service Area (Sept. 2015) 

Use Energy Wisely booklet (PDF)
Member Engagement is Key to Load Management Success, Jan. 2013



Pay My Bill (including automatic payment, online payment, budget billing, pay by credit card)
Public Benefits Information Release Form
Equity Capital Credits 
Bill Payment Options/About Your Bill (Nov. 2015 Energy Lifestyles Magazine


(From the) Board Room: Policy Adoptions/Amendments

Daily Fixed Charge increase (July 2019)
Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws (April 13, 2019)
Board of Directors' Meeting Agendas (updated monthly) 
Policy 705: Schedule of Billing Charges (June 2019)
Policy 603: Service Requirements / Policy 705: Schedule of Billing Changes / Large Power Rate Policies (April 2017) 
Policy 701: Meter Testing (Amend) / Policy 701A: Member Requested Meter Testing (Amend) / Policy 701B - Revise / Policy 701C: Three-Phase Meter Testing - Delete / Policy 702: Stopped Meters - Revise (Feb. 2017) 
Arbitration Policies 130, 131, 131A (Dec. 2016) 
Policy 703: Metering, Meter Data & Security / Policy 1007: Member-Owned Interconnected Generation / Policy 209: Collection, Disconnection of Unpaid Bills / Policy 625: Service Extenders (Oct. 2016) 
Policy 604: Rights-of-Way and Maintenance (June 2016) 
Policy 411: Director Qualifications / Policy 801: Service Calls (Aug. 2015) 
Policy 209A: Collections (June 2015) 
Election of Officers / Policy 228: Identity Theft & Protection / Policy 229: Records Management / Policy 230: Credit Risk Assessment, Identity & Deposits (May 2015) 
Policy 219: Bankruptcy Proceedings / Policies 623, 623A, 623A.3 (Distributed Generation Interconnections) (April 2015) 
Membership Matters 101.2: Cooperative Governance



Commitment to Community Grants
Community Cents
Continuing Education Scholarships
DIY Home Energy Audit (pdf) | DIY Home Energy Audit story (Nov. 2015) 
Enviro-Clean Electronics Recycling
Vehicle Safety Cards (What to do if a vehicle comes in contact with electric utility equipment [poles, wires, etc.].) 


Economic Development | Revolving Loan Fund   


Viasat High-Speed Satellite Internet

Customer checklist (PDF)
Customer agreement (PDF)

Membership Application

Membership Application (online) or PDF
Easement Form (PDF) (Sample Form)
Site Plan Form (PDF)
Credit Risk & Deposit Statement (PDF)
SR6-16 Agreement & Membership Options (PDF)

Owner's Manual
Nondiscrimination Statement (PDF | January 2016) 
Articles of Incorporation & Bylaws (May 2019)   

Wiring Affidavit
Inspection Form


Renewable Energy

Evergreen Program - Support Renewable Energy
Geothermal vs. Solar (Aug. 2015)  

Net metering explantation (courtesy Edison Electric Institute white board animation, 3-minute video)
Renewable Energy 
Solar at St. Croix Electric Cooperative (PDF) 

Sunflower 1 | Sunflower II

Myths vs. Facts
Frequently Asked Questions
Member Questions for Vendors (Solar)
Top-10 Considerations Before Installation







Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance

Map: BUCS Mechanical Trimming Schedule, 2018
Map: Herbicide Application Schedule, 2018
​Right-of-Way (ROW) Maintenance Practices (PDF) 
SCEC Board Policy 604: Rights-of-Way and Maintenance (PDF) 
ROW-Approved Plants (PDF) 
Contact one of these local companies to treat, trim, remove or transplant trees (PDF) 


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