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Equity Capital Credits

The allocation and retirement of Equity Capital Credits (Capital Credits) to members of St. Croix Electric Cooperative (SCEC) are among the benefits of Cooperative membership. Two of the seven Cooperative principles include Voluntary and Open Membership, and Members' Economic Participation. An initial $5 membership fee is collected for new customers; with that $5, they become members who are eligible to receive future Equity Capital Credits from SCEC.

SCEC is a member-owned, not-for-profit cooperative. After paying all expenses for the year, any remaining income is called margin. These margins are allocated to the members as Capital Credits, based on the dollar amount of business done with the Cooperative during the year (e.g., how much the member paid for electricity). Margins are retired as Equity Capital Credits as the Cooperative's financial conditions allow. In some cases, a portion of the Equity Capital Credits are retired three years later to active members, with the remaining balance retired in 20 years, per the Cooperative's current 20-year retirement cycle.

In 2016, SCEC retired $900,000 in Equity Capital Credits from 1996 and 2013. Since 1963, SCEC has returned more than $16 million to members in the form of Equity Capital Credits. Questions regarding capital credits may be directed to Kris McNamara at 715-796-7000.

Allocation: The amount of capital credits due to a member as financial conditions allow. Allocation notices are mailed to St. Croix Electric Cooperative members each July, noting the prior year’s allocation.

Equity Capital Credits (also referred to as Capital Credits, Patronage Credits): A member’s portion of margins for a given year while a member of a cooperative. St. Croix Electric retires capital credits on a 20-year rotating cycle. If financial conditions are favorable, the Board of Directors may also approve partial retirement of capital credits for active members from three years prior.
Margin: Revenue in excess of all expenses and claims.

Non-Power Supplier Margins: Margins resulting from St. Croix Electric operations. These margins do not include the allocation of earnings from Dairyland Power Cooperative (DPC), SCEC’s power supplier.

Retire, Retirement: The actual payment of capital credits to members. The first retirement of capital credits to St. Croix Electric members was in 1963 – 24 years after the lines were energized. SCEC has been able to retire capital credits annually since 1963 for a total of more than $16 million returned to members.


Equity Capital Credits - Frequently Asked Questions

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