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Electric Heat

While most consumers are aware of the benefits of using propane or natural gas to heat their homes, many are not aware of the value of using electricity for home heating.
Listed below are the numerous advantages of electricity-based home heating and hot water systems that may surprise even the most energy-savvy consumers.
In comparison to oil or gas furnaces, electric heating has many advantages.
• Electric heating systems are generally less expensive to purchase, install and maintain than other systems and on the whole, enjoy fuel cost stability.
• Electric heat is quick to respond and can be very quiet.
• Electric heat can be added on a localized basis to heat specific areas of the home, and the temperature can be controlled easily by room or
by zone.
• A portable, energy-efficient electric space heater or electric baseboard heat can warm select rooms allowing you to keep your main thermostat
down while ensuring continued comfort.
• Electric heat can take up less space in the home than other conventional systems (assuming space heaters are used).
• The electric heating system is safe because there is no combustion process. There is no chance of flames starting a fire or having combustion
products contaminate the air.
Choices for electric heat include:
• Energy-efficient heat pumps
• Baseboard heaters
• Portable space heaters
• Decorative fireplaces
Heating contractors, electricians, home improvement stores and SCEC are good sources for information about heating with electricity.
For additional information about how you can be more energy efficient, contact Director Member Services Jeff Wahlquist at or 715-796-5612.

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