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Distributed Generation - Solar

Owning and installing a solar renewable energy system interconnected with St. Croix Electric Cooperative’s distribution lines can be a personally satisfying and rewarding project for the owner. The Cooperative wants to help ensure the process is as smooth as possible from start to finish. 

The box and policies below are specific to St. Croix Electric Cooperative. Policies 623A.3, 623A & 623A.2 are marked as Exhibits and are for illustration and information only. If you are the project owner, you will need information from the manufacturer/installer to complete these forms. Original documents for completion needed for your project can be requested by contacting Jeff Wahlquist at 715-796-7000.

Solar DG Interconnection Information & Requirements

Policy 1007: Member-Owned Interconnected Generation

Policy 308: Parallel Generation Purchase Meter

Policy 308.2: Parallel Generation Solar Production Meter

Policy 623: Interconnection Guidelines

Policy 623A.3 (Form 1): Interconnection Application

Policy 623A (Form 2): Interconnection Agreement 20 kWh (AC) or less

Policy 623A.2 (Form 3): Engineering Data Submittal




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