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2020 Rebates

New Year, New Incentives, More Savings

SCEC wants members to be Powered Smart in 2020. To help keep energy efficiency top of mind, the Electric$ense incentive program – also known as a rebate program – has added new incentives and increased incentive limits on certain qualifying items.

New incentives

The Electric$ense incentive program is designed to promote energy efficient purchases. By purchasing qualifying items, members will earn a rebate and save energy, which can translate to lower electric bills. New in 2020 are incentives for:

In the case of water heaters and electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, qualifying products must also be enrolled in the Cooperative’s load management program. This allows the Cooperative to shift electricity use from these larger units away from the times when energy is most in demand (summer afternoons and winter evenings) to times when electricity is less expensive. Members who enroll in a load management program may also be eligible for a reduced electricity rate when these units are turned on to charge overnight. Load management programs have been designed to balance avoiding the peak demand for electricity with comfort for the home. In many cases, a homeowner and their family will not know when their water heaters or chargers are being controlled, but the collection of members participating in the program help the Cooperative keep its electricity rates stable.

Increasing incentives

Some legacy items have seen an incentive increase due to the long-term value they provide to the homeowner and Cooperative.

Receiving your incentive

Prior to making a purchase, visit the Rebates page to review the incentive criteria for the item(s). Members may also direct questions to Director Member Services Jeff Wahlquist at 715-796-5612.

  • Proper paperwork and forms must be submitted within three months of purchase or installation, depending on the item;
  • Incentives are only available while funds are available, so members should submit paperwork as soon as possible after purchase;
  • Each incentive form has additional details, which should be read prior to submitting paperwork;
  • For items that require an ENERGY STAR designation, members can visit to search for qualifying products.
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